Mouth Guards

One of the best ways of preventing injury to the mouth when playing a contact sport is by wearing a protective mouth guard. A mouth guard is worn over the teeth, and it can be custom fit in order to provide superb comfort and protection. The oral care specialists at Bergenfield Dental are proud to provide patients with custom-fit mouth guards, as well as night guards for people who tend to clench or grind their teeth while asleep.

Studies have proven that custom-fit mouth guards provide better protection than store-purchased alternatives. Our mouth guards are constructed using real impressions of the patient’s teeth, resulting in a device that cannot be replicated over-the-counter. We use top-quality, lightweight materials that ensure outstanding comfort, while not interfering with the user’s normal speaking or breathing.

Mouth guards are worn by athletes in baseball, softball, basketball, wrestling, football, lacrosse, soccer and hockey. Athletes participating in these sports face a high-risk of oral damage that can be greatly reduced with the use of a custom-fit mouth guard. Concussions and lacerations of the tongue, cheeks and lips can also be prevented by wearing a mouth guard.

In addition to mouth guards, Bergenfield Dental also offers patients customized night guards for those who suffer from bruxism, or the uncontrolled habit of clenching and grinding one’s teeth while sleeping. Bruxism can result in excessive wear and tear on a person’s teeth, causing permanent damage. It can also lead to tooth sensitivity, jaw discomfort, headaches and tooth fractures. Night guards can put a stop to this problem and prevent any serious issues from occurring. Bergenfield Dental also offers patients custom-fit splints to help patients with excessive snoring.

If you would like to learn more about mouth guards and night guards and how they can help you, please contact us to set up a consultation. You may call us at (201) 384-0100 to schedule an appointment.

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