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About Our Office

"I have been going to Bergenfield Dental Associates for many years. They are extremely professional, compassionate and understanding. Dr. Shahid is extremely knowledgeable and uses the most innovative techniques."

Maria T Maria T.

About Bergenfield Dental

We strive to provide you and your family with the highest level of dental care in order to help you achieve optimal dental health and a beautiful smile. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during treatment. Our caring staff and state-of-the-art equipment will make your visit a relaxing and pleasant experience.

Bergenfield Dental Associates is focused on preventive treatment to avoid or lessen potential gum disease. Our highly trained, registered Dental Hygienists can help properly detect and treat gum disease. Our comprehensive exams can help prevent any issues or lead to early diagnosis; allowing you keep a healthy, bright smile.

State-of-the-Art Dental Care

In addition to the latest in modern materials and instrumentation, Bergenfield Dental Associates is one of the few dental offices to offer you the high-tech service of the Intraoral Video Imaging Technology, which uses a fiber optic camera to take pictures of your mouth and gums, magnify the images, and project them on a color computer monitor.

The magnified images can show many conditions that are difficult to see by eye alone. The images are printed out like a photograph. This technology allows us to make a more complete diagnosis and you to better understand conditions in your mouth and to see the improvements Dr. Shahid is making.

Digital X-rays, the latest in advanced X-ray technology, using a sensor instead of a film, captures the image of the tooth on a computer screen in seconds. Digital X-rays provide up to a 90 percent decrease in radiation from our already highly reduced X-ray machines, and are used to provide highly accurate diagnoses.

Pain Relief

Sedation/Sleep Dentistry

In addition to the smile enhancements available to you, Dr. Shahid also makes sure you're comfortable with advanced pain relief technologies such as topical anesthesia and laughing gas.

If you're afraid of the dentist or don't want to be awake during treatment, a board certified anesthesiologist can safely provide sleep anesthesia right in our office. Imagine waking up finished and delighted.

Infection Control

At Bergenfield Dental Associates, we are very concerned about your safety. That's why we strive to achieve infection control over and above mandatory guidelines, through:

  • Steam autoclaving/sterilization
  • OSHA approved disinfectants
  • Disposable instruments
  • Spore testing

All instruments, including drills and handpieces, are Autoclaved and sterilized after each use for your safety.

Our Happy Patients

"i am 68 yrs old--about 20 years ago i visited Dr Shahid. During these 20 years , he and his wonderful staff have performed the necessary care on my aging and deteriorating teeth. They have done this with excellent technical skill. My teeth are not only healthy now, they also look great."

Phil O Phil O.

"Doctor Shahid and his team at Bergenfield Dental made me feel so comfortable, I had years of dental neglect due to fear of the dentist and required lots of work, they offer dental anesthesia, and I had pleasant dreams. Compared to other places, I think they have good prices, and they work with you if like me, you have no insurance. I highly recommend Bergenfield Dental."

Carlo C Carlo C.

"Definitely recommended. Staff and Dr. Shahid was wonderful. I traveled 4 hours just for his services. Very worth it :-)"

Khamsay B Khamsay B.
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