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Preventive care is a major part of keeping your mouth healthy. Next to education and proper hygiene habits, dental exams are the number one way to prevent oral health problems. We perform these exams in order to catch any existing issues early – treating small issues early is key to preventing larger, more expensive problems. Below are just some of the things we look for on your routine visits to our office.


Periodontal Examinations

During your visit, one of the first things we will look at is your periodontal situation. This is when we check for instances of gum disease or other major problems with your gum tissue. If we find gum disease, we will remove the disease-causing agents and may prescribe an antibacterial mouthwash or a special toothpaste. Learn more about periodontal treatment here.


Oral Cancer Screening

We also screen for signs of oral cancer. This is a visual dental exam that looks for symptoms such as sores, lumps, or irregular patches of discolored tissues inside your mouth. Oral cancer can be caused by tobacco or alcohol use, human papilloma virus (HPV), or a poor diet. We want to find and treat any symptoms of oral cancer as soon as possible due to its life-threatening nature.


Jaw Joint Examinations

During your visit, we also look for signs of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). This affliction affects your jaw joint and is linked with pain, stiffness, headaches, and teeth grinding. To treat ailments caused by TMJ problems, we can create mouthguards that can be worn to temporarily adjust your jaw to ease your symptoms. These mouthguards are often worn at night and can help to protect your teeth from damage caused by your TMD.


Digital X-rays

Diagnostic X-ray images are now a routine procedure at most dental offices. These digital images allow us to see what is going on in your mouth and treat small problems before they become larger ones.



Regular dental cleanings, performed by our hygienist, are a great way to make sure you are taking care of your teeth. During thedental cleaning, our hygienist will remove any plaque buildup on your teeth and make sure you are educated about proper brushing and flossing techniques at home. Seeing our hygienist regularly is the best way to make sure your teeth are as clean as possible to prevent bacterial buildup.

If you have not yet scheduled your appointment, please call our office at 201-384-0100 or use our online form. Let us help you keep your mouth healthy.


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